Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Solstice meme...

  • In preparation for an upcoming swap we have been asked to answer some questions, aka meme. I love the holiday season, but what I most relate to is the Solstice celebration which I have heard refered to as "the return of the light". If you are a gardener, this means more than Santa or even the chosen birthday of Jesus. I am a gardener. I like when the days start getting longer and I like celebrating this aspect of the holiday season.

    With due respect to all other forms of celebration, here are my answers...

    1. what kind of holiday party food do you like best? finger food buffet or sit down multi-course style?
    I love sitting down to a homemade meal and being waited on. If I am the hostess, I like finger foods and buffets.
    . do you make/use those little name cards for your table seating or is that just another little something that magazines are trying to add to our already long holiday to-do list?
    Yes, I do!
    3. do you miss sitting at the "kid's table"?No way...
    4. any particular holiday party traditions that you like to do every year?
    We all make Christmas cookies
    5. Which is your favorite winter holiday?
    I like to celebrate the solstice
    6. do you make or have you tasted any good egg nog recipes...whether using it in a dish or as a drink?
    I buy some really good organic egg nog
    7. fruit cake .... do you love it or think it should be used as a door stop?
    Fruit cake is sadly maligned. I love it and make some really good ones in November so that they can marinate. I have tasted some that SHOULD be used as a doorstop, however.
    8. What do you like to do to get yourself in the holiday spirit (ie. certain music, visiting certain seasonal sites, enjoying winter weather, etc.
    I love Christmas music but mainly I start making holiday gifts in the summer and that stretches out the season. I also pick greens from the evergreens and berry bushes and fill containers with bouquets that I use inside and out. I try to bake early and freeze so I have more time to myself when the holiday rush is on. I also love the holiday craft fairs.
    9. What is your favorite holiday song and who sings it best?
    I love "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day" by John Gorka, the Ronettes version of "Sleighride", the Roches version of "We Three Kings" and John McCutcheon's song/tale of WW 1 soldiers on Christmas eve brings me to tears. I play all the Windham Hill holiday recordings throughout the day...they are wonderful recordings.
    10. Any ideas for interesting holiday themed parties? (Even if it's really out there -- like renting a snow machine and having everyone build snowmen if you live in a no-snow areas!)
    "return of the light"...building a bonfire and throwing into the fire written wishes for the next year. "winter sky"...celebrate the winter sky by finding the winter planets and
    signs of the zodiac; use star motif in decorating. " garden party" seeds with friends and send everyone home with a seedling plant that you started a few weeks before; celebrate the winter garden by making greens and roots soup.

    I will be posting more about the upcoming swap and solstice in the weeks to come. No harm in getting the party started a little early. eh?
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At 11:24 PM, Blogger donna said...

What? You're talking about this before Samhain?


At 6:13 AM, Blogger Coleen said...

You're good! Making gifts in the summer! Don't know if I'm your swap partner, but I wanted to say hello!

At 9:54 AM, Blogger Jennifer said...

Also stopping by from the swap - Sounds like you have some beautiful traditions to celebrate the season.

At 10:01 PM, Blogger my house is cuter than yours said...

Hi! Welcome to the swap! Loved your comment about having tasted some fruit cakes that should be used as a door stop! too funny!


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