Sunday, August 06, 2006

Fair Entries

This jumpsuit is one of a few sewing projects that I have entered in the local fair this year. I purchased the fabric and the pattern on this site. WHO KNEW THIS WOULD BE SUCH A PAIN IN THE BUTT TO MAKE! And to top it off, it doesn't fit. Yes, I followed the pattern sizing and added on where it said to after measuring myself. I need an alteration class BIGTIME. I won't be making another one of these...too bad...I was really looking forward to a nice cool outfit. Hopefully, the judges will like it. I finished EVERY seam and added a bow at the top center ruffle (added right before I took them to the fairgrounds).

I also entered my summerwear blouse posted just below, the black formal I made for my niece's wedding last year, a vest, a skirt, my cowgirl apron, a crocheted scarf, a knitted hat, a felted bag, a felted oven mitt, my knitted tank and a pincushion. Also. DH and I entered some photographs. I was going to enter baked goods as well, but this weekend I've been sick and wasn't able to complete my entries. Next year. Posted by Picasa


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