Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Burning Woman Coat

I created this coat for my DD who is now enjoying the Burning Man event in Nevada. This is her second year so she knows what to wear. She found this fabric On Haight Street in San Francisco and with a bit of engineering, we turned it into a coat. Yes, it gets pretty cold in the high desert at night. Fake fur is all the rage...the wilder the better. This fabric is a very low pile with a fascinating "wiggle" pattern where the nap changes direction to form this pattern. You can just about see it in the photo. I couldn't use a straight easy coat DD is a curvy girl so I found a Vogue pattern for a jacket and refashioned it into a coat...with a hood, mind easy feat. We were stuck on what to line it with until DD found some wild tropical rayon I had in the stash. I had to really be careful so that it stretched to fit all the pattern pieces. It is an engineering miracle, when I think about it.

The front just fit at the chest line so I found some ribbon to close it up with. This should keep her warm and show off the artist that she is. It really tested my limits as a seamstress and I will be glad to get back to my small quilts and easy sewing projects. Oh, there are some knitting projects in the works as well. Stay tuned. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Look! It's a Fairy Sitting on a Pincushion!

I had the idea for this pincushion one night before I went to sleep. I woke up thinking it would not be too difficult to make from felt. I have made some other pincushions but never anything with a three dimensional figure. She didn't turn out too bad for my first attempt, so I entered her in our local county fair and she won first prize! The pincushion itself is also felt, her dress is a piece of ribbon and her hair a piece of yarn. My inspiration for pincushions in general comes from the talented Bella Dia who makes the most charming pincushions and sells them too! But there are many examples of pincushions all over blogland. I have a few pincushions that I use all the time. I don't think one can ever have too many. So, I welcome the "Pin Fairy" to my collection. If anyone is interested, I will do a tutorial. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, August 13, 2006


I am working on this baby quilt for a friend's daughter who had a baby boy in May. I chose some soft blue quilter's quarters and with the white, a yard of a print called "Animal Alphabet" which I loved. this will be the binding as well. A close up photo is just below.

I planned on machine quilting this for time's sake but I don't have any experience machine quilting. Even with all the basting that I did, the fabric shifted while I was trying to quilt the inside of the patterned squares. I had to rip out a lot of work. I went to a local store where I was convinced to buy a "walking foot". Best $20 I've ever spent. The quilting progressed with no problems. I was then stuck not knowing how to quilt the rest of the project. I was rescued by my sister who was here for a visit all the way from New Jersey. She has made some beautiful quilts and has a great sense of design. She suggested doing the quilting on the diagonal. Banner idea! She's the best.
So, now I have only the binding to do and a little bit of embroidery on the back with his name and birth date.

I like these little quilts. I have two more lined up to is a nifty pattern and the other will be one of my own designs. They both will be machine quilted now that I have the right tool!

By the way, the inspiration for this quilt, using a lot of white is from Small Hands. Her quilts are beautiful and I would recommend a visit to her blog. Plus she has some really cute kids. Thanks Soul Sister! Posted by Picasa

Monday, August 07, 2006

Saving the Best for Last...

Here are my lovely Cinnamon good tasting as they are to look at. You really can't go wrong with sugar, butter, flour, cinnamon and yeast...did I mention sugar? There is so much of it that it should be mentioned twice. The recipe actually calls for frosting...I left it off. Just looking at the end result would have put me in diabetic shock. If I ever make these again I will put in some walnuts...almost everything is better with nuts.

These went to the neighbors, my daughter and her husband and a few in the freezer for Jon and Gwyn. Posted by Picasa


Here they are, the fair entries that I didn't enter. I sampled each one and fell asleep on the couch. My body is just not used to eating so much sugar. I have packaged them up in seperate boxes to give to neighbors who have helped me with the garden this year. If I keep them in the house, one of us will be tempted.

The top photo is chocolate chip macaroons. These were quite easy, very few ingredients and if you like coconut, they're divine.

The next photo is a plate of Amaretto Crisps.
Great with tea or coffee, these are soft with a crisp edge. They are "refrigerator style" cookies which means that you chill the dough first, roll it out and cut into shape. Also quite easy.

This is a Bourbon Pecan Chew. Chewy and delicious. Made with lots of butter, molasses and bourbon...and pecans. They are a drop cookie and spread in the oven.

This is Raw Apple Bread. I've been making this for years. The recipe is from James Beard's Bread book. I gave my first copy away when I thought I had exhausted its use but later found a used copy because I missed it so much. It remains one of my favorite cook books.

I thought that I would put a list of my favorite cookbooks in this post just in case anyone may be interested. I know that I have found books that other bloggers have listed to add to my collection, whether it's cookbooks, fiction, health, knitting, sewing...a couple of quilting books too. So, here goes.

1. The Self-Healing Cookbook by Kristina Turner (I've learned more about food in this all-time favorite)

2. The Natural Gourmet by Annemarie Colbin (Each delicious recipe is an education...I always turn to this book first when I want to prepare something special)

3. A Taste of Heaven and Earth by Bettina Vitell (Many of the recipes in this book have become staples in my house. Fabulous)

4. Beard on Bread by James Beard (I learned everything I know about making bread from this little book. Great, delicious recipes for all kinds of breads)

5. Moosewood Cookbook by Mollie Katzen (I started with this cookbook and go back to it often. I never get tired of it)

6. Crazy Plates by Janet and Greta Podleski (This is such a fun book that I coudn't help putting it on the list. The recipes are lo-fat and I've liked everyone that I have made)

As I look at this list, I am noticing that except for the last book, the others are mainly vegetarian and ALL written by women. A coincidence? Who knows. I have lots of other cookbooks, including a Joy of Cooking, a couple of Andrew Weil cookbooks, a fancy book or two and some others that I occassionally use. I also own both of the Vegetarian Epicure books. But the 6 above I would take with me if the house was burning down. Nuff said. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Fair Entries

This jumpsuit is one of a few sewing projects that I have entered in the local fair this year. I purchased the fabric and the pattern on this site. WHO KNEW THIS WOULD BE SUCH A PAIN IN THE BUTT TO MAKE! And to top it off, it doesn't fit. Yes, I followed the pattern sizing and added on where it said to after measuring myself. I need an alteration class BIGTIME. I won't be making another one of these...too bad...I was really looking forward to a nice cool outfit. Hopefully, the judges will like it. I finished EVERY seam and added a bow at the top center ruffle (added right before I took them to the fairgrounds).

I also entered my summerwear blouse posted just below, the black formal I made for my niece's wedding last year, a vest, a skirt, my cowgirl apron, a crocheted scarf, a knitted hat, a felted bag, a felted oven mitt, my knitted tank and a pincushion. Also. DH and I entered some photographs. I was going to enter baked goods as well, but this weekend I've been sick and wasn't able to complete my entries. Next year. Posted by Picasa