Wednesday, July 12, 2006


I am doing quite a bit of sewing this summer and this blouse is one of my favorites. The fabric is from Westminster by Victoria Wells and the pattern is McCall's. I did some hand sewing on this that I really like. Although the pattern itself had some confusing parts that I had to do over, it was mostly because I misinterpreted the directions. I love the fabric and it is so easy to sew with quilting material.

I'm really into this kimono look that is widely available in patterns right now. I was at JoAnn's over the weekend and bought another kimono look pattern that I hope to make up in neutrals. The sewing "todo" stack is getting quite high.

I made brisket and potato salad last night for my son-in-law's birthday but the Apple Crumble Pie was my favorite. Since I have stopped eating sugar, I only treat myself every few months to a really GOOD desert. This qualified. So, to be honest, I have almost given up sugar. Hey, to be truly human is to be truly imperfect, okay? Posted by Picasa

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Flowers in the Garden

Japanese Eggplant
Delicata Squash "Diva"
Sugar Baby Watermelon
Opal Basil Posted by Picasa

Flowers in the Garden

A Martha Washington geranium.
A butterfly on the Buddleia
Japanese Cucumber Posted by Picasa


I have finished a sock! Here it is on my foot. I took a short trek around the neighborhood but in 95 degree weather I did not put it on until I took a break. It is such a landscape sock that it fits right in with any outdoor scene. How appropriate! This was a fun fun project; of course it is not completed yet as I have two feet. Another sock must be made...


Pattern from a winter 2004 issue of Knit It! magazine.
Yarn is Trekking XXL in colorway 100.
I used size 2 needles, birch DP's.

I have a skein of Schafer sock yarn in my stash and I will make another pair from it. How will I change the pattern? I will cast on another 10 or so stitches to make the top a bit looser and make the ribbed top longer. I will also make the body of the sock a bit longer. I made this sock longer than required but I have size 11 feet. I need more room. I also need some sun on my white legs. Posted by Picasa