Friday, June 09, 2006

The Garden, the Jasmine and the Rose

After much work by tractors, dump trucks, hands and heart, I have a garden. The tractor pulled out the spearmint which had taken over (nasty where you put will jump over containers and plant itself everywhere) and broke up the winter ground. The dump truck delivered some compost and the hands and heart did everything else. I am not an organized gardener. No real thought as to where things SHOULD go, they just go where I put them. My cousin Maudia and I inherited tomato bingeing from our mothers. We always plant way too many tomatoes. But we don't care. We grew up with the philosophy that you can NEVER have too many tomatoes. A good philosophy. But I did manage to sneak in some peppers, eggplant (a Japanese variety this year), squash (I only like the winter squash varieties), some sugar baby watermelons, herbs and flowers. Oh...I just planted some cinderella pumpkin seeds and wax beans. I still have some room for more but haven't been inspired by anything. Got any suggestions?
This jasmine really took off this year. It's gorgeous! And oh the smell...luxurious. I had it caged so that the deer wouldn't disturb it while it was still young. They don't touch it now and you can't see the cage. They don't like the smell I guess.

Here is the Fourth of July rose this year. I am amazed at this rose. Every year it puts on a fabulous show and continues to do so all summer. I do cut off spent blooms but I have never fussed over it. It's a climbing rose and I have had to extend the fencing so that the deer won't eat it. It has grown up into the Chinese Pear tree you see just behind it. I may do some trimming this fall just to keep it under control. Thank you 4th of July rose, for the inspiration of giving. Posted by Picasa


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