Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Time for a Hike

Posted by Picasa This photo was taken on the Bridgeport Trail above the Yuba River near my home. The Yuba is our local recreation in the hot dry summer months. There are trails that one can take to access the river and its lovely pools of cool water. When my kids were little we went often but as I have gotten older I don't go as much. It gets crowded on the weekends and during the week it is hard to get up the energy after work.

So, I joined Trek With Me a sock hike knitalong. We're using a specific sock yarn called Trekking XXL and knitting a pair of socks while hiking. This to me sounds like rubbing your stomach and patting your head at the same time! But I'm willing to give it a go, if only to get out on this beautiful trail! I will stop often and knit cause I don't want to fall off a cliff while knitting.

Wish me luck.


At 9:15 PM, Blogger CrissyPo said...

Good luck :)

At 2:41 PM, Blogger Nit One Perl Two said...

I am so happy I found your site. It appears we have more in common than knitting! I'll let you know when I complete the "world renound" triple lindee patern!


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