Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mom and Me...

Christmas 1946.

My Mom has been gone for over 4 years now. There is not a day that goes by that I don't think of her. I was her first child. Life was very difficult for her after my birth; she left a bad marriage, went to live with her parents who did not accept her divorce then promptly told her she and I could not live with them. We were taken in by her deceased brother's widow who lived in Pensacola Florida with her two children. I learned to walk in Pensacola.

She met a man and remarried. He was the father that I knew and loved but life was never easy for Mom. We moved so often that none of us, including my Mother, ever made a true friend. We just were not around long enough. I never saw her angry or upset that we were packing again and we would all have our own "jobs" to keep us busy and she always made an adventure out of the difficult job of moving. She and my stepfather had three children who are my two sisters and one brother. I love them dearly and we talk and see eachother as often as possible.

On this Mother's Day, I honor all the mothers out there. I will walk around the garden that I created for my Mother and pull a few weeds. She loved flowers and I remember going out to the gardens of the many places that we lived to make a bouquet to take inside. Through her I learned to love gardening and laughing in the face of difficulty. She is a constant inspiration. Posted by Picasa


At 1:00 PM, Blogger CrissyPo said...

Thanks for sharing about your mom :) Sounds like she was a great person.


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