Thursday, February 16, 2006

Das Boat

I will be on this boat this coming Saturday. I will bring my knitting, a sketchbook, my Mim journal, some clothes, my DH and dramamine. I'm hoping to see whales as we will be leaving from San Francisco and doing the Mexican coastline towns. I want to get some sun on my pasty winter face. I want to dance and play and not have to cook or clean for 10 whole days.

Oh no, I am NOT forgetting to take Jamie and Claire with me; that is the 4th book in the Outlander series that I am enjoying WAY too much. Such great stories Diana Gabaldon writes.

I have made one dress, one pair of pants and one skirt for this trip. I have made alterations to a few garments. I need to pack. The weather will change from a cool 48 degrees to a steamy 90 degrees so the packing will have to cover all these extremes.

I'm a landlubber so this will take some courage on my part. Wish me luck. Posted by Picasa