Monday, December 12, 2005

Knitting Away December Days

Some knitting, some felting. The Booga Bag is knit in Noro Kureyon and took quite a few turns in the old WM to get it to this point. I must say...I've heard good and bad about this yarn and I quite agree with the latter. So scratchy who would want to wear anything knit with it! Maybe some die hard wool wearers which I am not. Give me some gorgeous hand dyed merino any day!

The stocking I knit with my favorite yarn, Classic Elite MAYA. I think they stopped making this which is too bad, cause it's a pleasure to knit and it felts beautifully.

Chaco is cleaning himself while gazing at my 2 x 2 rib scarf which is in the process of being knit from Plymouth Yarn's Sinsation, an 80% rayon, 20% wool chenille which is gorgeous AND expensive. I'm knitting this for me, however, and I'm worth it. The needles are 10.5' favorites...Lantern Moon. I fell in love with this deep red.


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