Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Knitting ADD?

I am very bored knitting stockinette stitch for the Fiery Bolero. So, what does one do? One goes out and buys some funky, fluffy yarn (green, of course)that I can whip into a lovely little wrap around scarf on BIG needles. This yarn was hard to resist. First, it is MY perfect green. Second, it feels like velvet. Third, who could resist a yarn called "ravish"? NOT ME. Now all I have to do is decide whether to use 10.5 lovely Lantern Moon needles, or size 13's in birchwood Brittanys. Decisions, decisions. If I'm working on a big project, and that means anything bigger than a hat or scarf for me...I need to take breaks. Now is that time. I may make a knitting bag for this ravish project...it keeps the work in progress together and it's an excuse to sit at the sewing machine for a bit and think about all the mending I have to do.


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