Saturday, October 29, 2005

"Mixed Media" apron for Tie One On

For this month's "Tie One On" entry, I made a simple apron out of a nice weight of muslin. I went with stenciling for the mixed media theme and came up with my own hand cut and designed stencils. I like the authoritative pose I gave my apron wearing gal; as if she is saying, "Don't mess with me!". I used acrylic paint with textile medium and after 24 hours of drying time, I gave it a good ironing. That should keep the prints from washing away.

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Monday, October 17, 2005

Marzipan Babies?

I just couldn't leave a photo of my feet at the top of the blog page. Here's what I chose to replace the feet. I was sent photos this weekend of babies molded out of polymer clay with mohair used as hair. They were sent to me as supposed "marzipan"...the almond paste used by confectioners to sculpt fruits and vegetables. I thought using marzipan was brilliant until I thought of eating one of these tiny babies and my heart took a dive into "guilt by cannabalism" hell. So, I looked further and found this. Not marzipan, but polymer clay! This artist is amazing. Enjoy.

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Monday, October 10, 2005

For Mim

Mim has requested a photo of our feet. Glad to oblige...back to reading.

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...and the winner is...

Me! I won a gift certificate and a notch up in the confidence battle. They sold pieces of the pies after the judging and the money went to the building fund. Glad to give a pie to the cause.

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Saturday, October 08, 2005


This series of books has been on my list for quite some time now. It's a perfect read for me...part historical, part science fiction and ALL romance. So, I'm putting down the knitting needles, the fabric, the mending...and blogging for a while. I'm reading.

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Mom's Apple Pie

My Mom was not a great cook. But boy, could she make pies. Pies were an important part of my childhood. I am the oldest of four children so it was a busy household. When it was time to bake a pie, Mom would get us all involved. We had huge blackberry bushes out back and she would send us out to pick blackberries with the promise of a pie. Now I may be exaggerating, but those blackberries were as big as my thumb! We would come back to the house with full buckets and our faces covered with blackberry stain from eating so many berries. But oh, those pies. My personal favorite was Apple Pie. She taught me the secrets of making pastry...her way. She had 6 sisters and supposedly their recipe for pie crust came from the eldest sister whose name was Dwinn. Back in those days, Crisco was the "fat" of choice for pies. Who knew about hydrogenated fats and how bad they were for us back then? Also, I only knew about bleached white flour. But these nasty ingredients made the best pie crusts. My favorite part was rolling out the pie crust...not too thick, not too thin and just enough flour so that it wouldn't stick to the surface you were rolling it on. It became a challange and a form of art in my life.

Mom showed me how to cut the apples after peeling them; a very slow process which over the years I have learned to truly appreciate. She would put lots of sugar on top of the apples in the pie crust, then flour. On top of this mountain of apples she would put 4 pretty good size pieces of butter which she said was unforgivable to forget. Then the pie crust top would go on and she would seal the edges with a fork. I became very good at decorating the edges in my own way; using all sorts of folds, fancy pieces of cutout shapes, pinching the dough between my fingers. Any extra dough we kids would use to make any sort of oddball items, quite often filled with jam or extra fruit, sometimes just sugar...which would all get baked alongside the pie. These were our own personal "pies".

I don't bake pies very often...dear husband and I do try and watch what we eat and a whole pie between two folks is just a bit over the top where weight control is an issue. But I have an excuse. Our local Co-op is having their annual Harvest Festival tomorrow and they are having an Apple Pie contest. This is what I'm entering on Mom's behalf. She would be proud.

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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Green Tomatoes

I went out to the garden yesterday and picked all the remaining tomatoes...who knew there were so many tomatoes out there! The nights are getting quite cool and these babies were NOT going to turn red. So, they are decorating every sunny windowsill that I have. In this windowsill they are sharing space with a few other things...tiny pumpkins, candles...some appear to be turning red...or they are at least trying. There must have been close to a hundred so if they all turn red at once, I will have a tomato fest day, where I blanch, peel, chop and freeze for winter fresh tomato sauce...well, as fresh as you can find in the middle of winter.

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Knitting ADD?

I am very bored knitting stockinette stitch for the Fiery Bolero. So, what does one do? One goes out and buys some funky, fluffy yarn (green, of course)that I can whip into a lovely little wrap around scarf on BIG needles. This yarn was hard to resist. First, it is MY perfect green. Second, it feels like velvet. Third, who could resist a yarn called "ravish"? NOT ME. Now all I have to do is decide whether to use 10.5 lovely Lantern Moon needles, or size 13's in birchwood Brittanys. Decisions, decisions. If I'm working on a big project, and that means anything bigger than a hat or scarf for me...I need to take breaks. Now is that time. I may make a knitting bag for this ravish keeps the work in progress together and it's an excuse to sit at the sewing machine for a bit and think about all the mending I have to do.

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