Wednesday, September 21, 2005

For Julie

I am posting these knitting photos for my niece Julie who I just found out is a knitter! She was married this summer to a wonderful handsome man at the most beautiful of weddings. There were lots of people there and we didn't have much time to talk and to learn that we both knit.

I hope that she enjoys looking at the many projects I get myself involved in. I currently have about 6 knitting projects on the needles and at least 6 waiting in the wings. Most of the time they are gifts, so it's difficult to post a finished project that I actually keep, but I do have a few. Look in the Archives also for my other projects, especially the multi-colored shawl that I am particularly proud of.

Tell me what you are currently knitting, your favorite yarns and patterns and maybe we can keep in touch that way.

Love, Aunt Nickie


At 11:17 AM, Blogger Julie said...

Ok, this is my first time so it looks like I posted on the wrong one! It's on the post above!


At 9:06 PM, Blogger Julie said...

This is actually for both my Aunt Nickie and my Uncle Lenny... (I hope you'll excuse my mini blog-within-a-blog...)

Joshua and I received a small white box in the mail the other day. He is away on business and we usually wait to open gifts together so I placed the box aside waiting for him to get home without really noticing from whom it came. Then tonight, when I was doing the ritual "cleaning the apartment before the husband comes home tomorrow" I found it again. This time I saw the box was from California and I opened it.

In the 10 months since this whole wedding thing started, we have gotten some interesting stuff in the mail. Some nice presents and some strange ones like plastic kitchen utensils that I think you're supposed to use to cut things, but I can honestly say that this was hands down my favorite to date.

My Aunt Nickie (I'm assuming that you did most of this handiwork) had put together the most beautiful handmade card along with an equally special photo albumn of our wedding pictures. I can't tell you how much that means to me and I'm sure when Joshua gets home and gets over the fact that I opened it without him :) we'll enjoy looking at the book together.

You'll get a proper thank you note in the mail, but I figured the people who were interested in your projects should know about some of the other wonderful things you've made.

I love it. Thank you so much.



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