Friday, June 03, 2005

Trip Time!

I am so excited because I will be seeing my sisters and their families next week and I will be flying in to New Jersey with my brother! The four of us are rarely together so this is a big fat happy meal deal. My niece and my nephew will be graduating from highschool and my brother hasn't seen his grandkids in quite a while so it was time for a visit. I really hate airplanes so I have to really want to go somewhere to get on one. With knitting, these trips are much more bearable. I get cozy in my seat and drag out the's like meditation for me. This trip I will be taking the multi-colored Manos Stria shawl to work on. I talk about this in a previous post but I love this yarn. I prefer this cotton yarn over the Manos wool which I really don't like.

Even though I was born in Michigan, I consider myself a "Jersey Girl" because I spent so much of my early life there. The beaches are phenomenal, the blueberries are luscious, the tomatoes are the best and the corn is fabulous. It's blueberry season now, so I plan on eating bowlsful. So there may be a blueberry recipe on the horizon. Stay tuned.


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