Friday, June 03, 2005

Felting 101

I have always loved to knit but when I discovered felting it opened up vast possibilites. Since I felted my first thrift shop 100% wool skirt and made a rustic Santa Claus outfit from it(for a doll), I knew there would be more felting in my future. Nowadays there are such wonderful books available on felting, I don't need to go through the process here. But I will show you some before and afters as the projects come up. Below is a "Before" shot of an oven mitt I am working on from the book "Felted Knits" by Bev Galeskas. I have made a few of these and they always come out great. This is the first time I will be using Manos wool and I am a bit sceptical. This wool is a thick and thin yarn and doesn't have the uniformity of past wools I have used, so it will be interesting to see what happens. The practicality of a wool oven mitt is that when it is felted it becomes thick and will keep your hand from burning. I hope that this wool, although very pretty, will be thick enough.


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