Thursday, May 26, 2005

Micro Greens

I love to grow salad greens. There are so many varieties of seeds for lettuces that it boggles my mind to try and choose one. This year I chose Micro Greens. Now this is what I call EASY gardening. Because I have gophers, deer and rabbits traveling through, I have to fence the garden and then use large plastic tubs or even small garbage cans that I have drilled holes in for drainage so that these critters don't get them before I do. So far it's working. About a month and a half ago, I emptied most of the old dirt from one of the tubs, put in some new dirt and compost and sprinkled these micro greenery seeds over the top. I watered them and fed them with some liquid organic fertilizer a couple of times and just today I picked half, cleaned them and topped off my potato sald with a big old handful. Very yummy and full of wonderful enzymes that help your body to digest food. Plus, they are so beautiful to look at on one's plate. Like, well, a micro garden!


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