Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Malizia Scarf

I was so taken by this yarn in my LYS that I just had to have a ball of it. At $18 a pop, this was no light decision. This was a hard core "I gotta have this no matter how much it cost" wavering of sensibility. One scarf with size 19 needles and I would have myself a work of knitting art. No spending months on an intarsia project, no biting my nails over which part of the pattern repeat I forgot on some lacey shawl attempt. Just simple garter stitch and I'd have me the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. NOT.

First of all, have any of you out there ever used size 19 needles? Now I'm a big girl with fairly large, okay big, hands but these suckers were not easy to use. Plus they are (yech) plastic. But they were cheap (I'd already spent $18) and turquoise, which is my favorite color. Now...knitting the yarn. Not fun. This is not wool and I knew it and I've knit with other "novelty" yarns with no problem. This was a chore. Plus, this ball of yarn had lots of little flaws in it which I had to cut out and knot the ends together(I told my LYS owner about the flaws). Fortunatly the yarn is so busy, you can't see all of the knots. I am writing Cascade Yarns a complaint letter because I think if you don't tell these companies, their quality control becomes non-existent.

So, I trudged through the knitting of this scarf and below is the finished product. So it's not a work of pot of gold at the end of the knitting rainbow. It's pretty, but next time I want a work of art, I'll try some intarsia or a 32 row repeat lace project.


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